The Lim Federation’s roots date back to the early 90’s when it was first established as The Lim Network. At the time, The Lim Network’s core vision was to create an environment where people could come together, share resources and collaborate within the member community while bringing their unique individuality, knowledge, talent & experiences to the table.


Today, the Lim Federation has evolved into a member network which aims to:


  • Establish a community & environment that unites people and organizations

  • Create an exciting, synergistic, energetic and engaging environment & platform that fosters collaboration, individual & collective thinking, sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences

  • Promote and encourage continuing education, growth, development and improvement both on a personal & professional level 

  • Support and drive innovation

  • Promote creativity, imagination, ingenuity and thinking out-of-the-box

  • Drive and encourage members to work side-by-side, hand-in-hand towards the betterment of ourselves and our entire member community 

  • Create a family and community atmosphere & recognize the value & importance of each and every member of our family and community 


As the Lim Federation sets it sights on the future, we continue to adapt and embrace the changes that surround us but we also continue to remain true to and support our core vision and work towards expanding & building on that vision.